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Like everywhere in Caribbean, scuba diving and snorkeling tours are very popular amongst tourists who take delight in beach vacations in Bahamas. The waters in this archipelago are particularly clear, while the marine fauna and flora is very rich and various, so aquatic adventures in Bahamas afford travelers to enjoy some of the most beautiful moments of their life.

In Bahamas are a plethora of islands (more than 700), and as a consequence there are many secluded keys and beaches where tourists can go and snorkel the reefs in peace and solitude. Spotting dolphins, sea turtles, and countless colorful fish is something common while snorkeling in Bahamas. Actually, waters in Bahama archipelago hide the largest coral reef in the western hemisphere along with numerous shipwrecks. Therefore, snorkeling trips in Bahamas are awesome and extremely rewarding.

The coastline in this country is huge, so tourists can enjoy Bahamas snorkeling tours everywhere. There are also available lots of local cruises to the most popular diving sites, while vacationers with larger holiday budget can rent boats (crewed or not) and head to "savage" reefs, where nobody else is present.

BahamasVacationMap.comSnorkeling & Scuba Diving Trips In Bahamas

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